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As a fixture in the precious metals industry, Value Shop strives to provide precious metals of the highest quality to both customers and partners through sustainable and transparent processes. You can come to us for gold, silver and precious metals.

Start investing in physical gold and silver!

Investing in physical gold or silver is not an everyday decision. Whether you are a seasoned investor or looking for your very first valuable investment, we are here to guide you and show you why gold or silver is a wise choice. With us, you will find all the information and support you need to inform your investment decision and secure your financial future.

Why invest in gold coins and bars?

Whether you are looking for a way to grow your money, increase your financial security or diversify your portfolio, gold can be a valuable addition to your investments. We briefly list the various reasons why you should buy gold.

  • The value of gold is rising over the long term

  • Gold is a physical asset that is easy to trade

  • Spread your risk against market fluctuations

  • As a key commodity for several industries, demand remains high over the long term

Why buy physical gold and silver at Value Shop?

Value Shop, your trusted online shop, is the ideal place to buy gold bars, gold coins and silver bars. As a fixture in the precious metals industry, Value Shop is committed to precious metals of the highest quality. Here is why you should choose Value Shop for your precious metals investments.

  • The best price on the market

  • A wide variety of bars and coins

  • Buy-back guarantee

  • Free and personalised expertise of our team of professionals

Our advice for your purchase

At Value Shop, we like to support as a companion partner for all our customers. To support this guiding and especially informative role, we regularly share relevant information regarding: gold, the market situation, investing, silver, tips,...

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